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Paper Cash Private Key

Paper Cash is just a printed pairing of a Paper Cash Address with its Paper Cash Private Key. You can spend the balance on your Paper Cash by importing, or sweeping, the Paper Cash Private Key in a compatible BCH wallet.

To protect these funds you must print a backup copy and store it in a safe place. For your safety, this site does not know or save your Paper Cash Private Key. Closing, refreshing, or clicking the "Replace New" button will make a new Paper Cash Private Key and erase the old Paper Cash Private Key from your browser forever. Your Paper Cash Private Key should be kept a secret. Anyone with access to your Paper Cash Private Key can spend the entire balance. After printing your Paper Cash you can store it in a zip seal bag to keep it safe from water. You could even store it inside an envelope to hide it from prying eyes. Treat your Paper Cash Private Key like cash someone could steal with the glance of a camera or their photographic memory.

Add funds to Paper Cash after printing by instructing others to send BCH to your Paper Cash Address, or by doing so yourself.

Check your balance of BCH easily with the Cash Explorer QR Code Link search tool and enter your Paper Cash Address.

See the value of the BCH on your Paper Cash by visiting the handy Cash Price QR Code Link ticker and multiplying your balance by the BCH price.

Sweep the value in BCH of your Paper Cash, or send and receive BCH with the Cash Wallet QR Code Link transaction application.

Note: Your printer may not align with the number of Paper Cash Bills you want. You may need to increase or decrease this amount based on the printing settings.

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